• Part 1 - LEGACY          
    Craig Bellis - February 18th 2018
  • Part 2 - LEGACY          
    Craig Bellis - March 4th 2018
    Discussion Questions  - 1. Reminder: Legacy is defined as “a body of people sent on a mission.” What is the difference between a will and a legacy? What is it about our culture that puts so much emphasis on estate planning and so little on a true legacy? How has the church fallen into the same deception?2. Read Judges 2:6-12. How could a generation that had seen so much evidence of God’s power fail to pass their lessons on to the following generation? 3. How is a healthy view of eschatology (last days teaching) related to leaving a legacy? How is “escapism” crippling to the legacy of the church?4. Discuss Acts 1:3-11. Why is “sky gawking” such a big deal for so many modern Christians? What were the angels trying to do when they asked, “Why are you standing here gazing into heaven?” How are we in danger of the falling into the same trap as the early disciples?5. Legacy requires good parenting. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is a practical guide on leaving a legacy to our children. What are some of the keys that stand out in these verses? How can we apply these verses in the context of a busy, modern day family?         
  • Part 3 - LEGACY          
    Craig Bellis - March 11th 2018
  • Part 4 - LEGACY          
     In this message we look at the importance of setting up Monuments/stories of Gods wonder in our lives, when creating a culture of Legacy.