Kingdom Class

 Welcome to Kingdom 101. This course is designed as a basic   introduction to our church family. Since we have members from different backgrounds. This course is designed to clearly explain who we are and what our church is all about. In addition you will begin to discover the spiritual gifts that God has given you.

Fill in the PDF attachments as you listen.


Session 1

 Foundations – What does it mean to be a Christian? 

Here we begin to look at the foundations of being a Christian. Who we are in God and the life we are called to.

Session 1 PDF

57 min

Session 2

Our Uniqueness – Who are we?

In this session we look at where the Church came from, the values we believe in and the priorities of ministry in your life.

Session 2 PDF

60 min

Session 3

Our Structure – What is our design?

In this session we look at the structure of our church how we are designed as a leadership. We will also view the what it is to be a member of Covenant Life and the importance you play!

Session 3 PDF

58 min

Session 4

Our Ordinances – What Jesus said be oberserved in Church

In this session we look at why we believe in water baptism and a regular taking of communion as a church.

Session 4 PDF

52 min

Session 5

Discovering and Using Spiritual Gifts 

We are all given unique Spiritual gifts to glory God and benefit others with. In this session we will look at what the different type of Spiritual gifts are and their purpose.

Session 5 PDF

54 min